Last Mile 8 Week GMAT Tutoring Services

Class Details

  1. Classes are held in batches of 3-5 Students over Skype with a Whiteboard App during each Class for solving Live Queries.
  2. Classes are held twice a week.

Recommended Books (Some Would have to be purchased by test taker depending upon his/her current level of comprehension)

  1. ACE THE GMAT IN 40 DAYS- Brandon Royal (Provided with All Packages)
  2. Official Guide (Any Edition will Do)
  3. GMATClub Maths Book (Available For Free)
  4. Manhattan Red Books (Will have to be Purchased Separately)
  5. Jeff Sackman Series (Will have to be Purchased Separately)
  6. RC99 & SC Grail (Will have to be Purchased Separately)

Recommended Prep Material

  1. Manhattan GMAT Mock Exams (Will have to be Purchased Separately)
  2. Veritas GMAT Mock Exams (Will have to be Purchased Separately)
  3. GMAT Mocks 1 & 2 (Available For Free on
  4. Magoosh Premium (Only Buy If Not Bought Manhattan Books – Cost and quality is round about same.)

Avg Score Improvement: 80 pts

2-4 Week Consulting Services

Service Details

  1. Continuous One-on-One Followup with Test Takers 2 Weeks Before the Test.
  2. Primary Motive of this Service is prevent a test taker from taking any wrong decision 2 weeks before the Test Date.
  3. Service Includes Guidance on
    1. What to Study
    2. Where to Study From
    3. How to Study
    4. How to Take Mock Scores
    5. How many mocks to give

Avg Score Improvement: 100-120 pts

Customised Study Plan

Service Details

  1. Customized Study Plan pdf to Ace both the Verbal and the Quant Sections of the GMAT.
  2. Study Plan Includes Guidelines on
    What to Study
    Where to Study From
    How to Study
    How to Take Mock Scores
    How many mocks to give in total

Avg Score Improvement: 60-80 pts

– Sam, 720

“I had Magoosh Quant, Manhattan Red Books and also help from E-gmat. But I needed a tutor who could steer me past the confusing times when I could not decide what to study, how to study and how much to study. Ayush really guided me. He helped me realize that its not how much you study or where you study from, its how smartly you do it.”

- PS, 700

“Choosing the right course for nonnative speaker is critical to succeed in Gmat. It took me a lot of time thru bad experiences before I came across Ayush. The course follows a structured approach with mocks, concepts and problems to solve each week. Plus its only 12 weeks course so it worked for me being a working professional.”

– Niyati, 670

“I decided that I will require professional help when I scored 530 on the diagnostic test. I came across Ayush from a post on Quora. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. His teaching techniques and useful insights helped me to improve my score. I would like to thank Ayush for helping me achieve this score.”

– Priya, 640

“The best part about Ayush is he never gives up on you. I never aimed for a 700. I am happy with the score I got”

– Swami , 630

“Ayush you are a gem of a person. The thing I like about you is that you know exactly which course is good for what. I really needed the push in Verbal. Thanks”

About Our Services

GMAT Prep is expensive. If you do not spend wisely, you can end up spending more than $1000 on 4-5 prep companies, and then the same amount on 4 attempts at the Perfect Score.

I offer strategy sessions and do last mile tutoring to help you clear the exam in 8-10 weeks.

There is a saying, “No shoe size fits all”

Now it is upto you, whether you want to spend $1000 on 4-5 companies and $750+ on more than 3 GMAT attempts, or you want to go for the right tutor/consultant to help you ace the exam.

  • There are in total 48 Verbal Themes on The GMAT.
  • There are in total 26 Quant Themes on The GMAT.
  • First, we cover the concepts of most of them and access which themes you are weak in, which themes you are strong in and which themes you are average in.
  • Then, we will develop a customized approach wherein we will try to get you a score improvement in the first week itself.
  • For our consulting clients, we will literally guide you thru the last 14 days of your prep step by step.

About Me

My name is Ayush Agrawal.

I am a marketing professional at heart with 8+ years of experience in the automobile industry. Portfolio of accomplishments include increasing revenue, improving brand awareness and driving profit improvements at the Jabalpur based dealership of M/s Force Motors Ltd. over the last 8 years.

I have worked with many top executives in various industries over the past 8+ years and helped them make better decisions and delivered the sustainable success they desired.

I am passionate about achieving better results for my clients—results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring.

I have networked with over 250 students and over 10 GMAT Prep Companies in the past 2 years. I decided to put this network to good use and help students get good scores, and fast. The idea of AYAK Consultancy was thus born.

Currently, apart from running operations at AYAK Consultancy, I manage my family owned business of Agrawal Motors, authorised dealership of M/s Force Motors Ltd. & am completing my PGP-FMB from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai.

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Terms & Conditions (Please Read)

  • The prices for private tutoring and consulting are variable and subject to change at any point of time time as per discretion of tutor, change in currency rates and local taxes. 
  • Payment would be taken 100% advance. Invoices once raised, would not be eligible for cancellations and refunds.
  • Availability of dates would be subject to previous tutoring commitments. Please book accordingly.
  • Classes would be held twice a week for private tutoring students. No fixed timings as such for consulting clients, live support would be provided to the consulting clients for the last 14 days of their journey.
  • Classes would be held in batches of 3-5 students for private tutoring clients and one on one for consulting clients.







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