On 25th May, 2020, we held our maiden workshop on The Behavioural and Human Aspects of Investing During COVID19 

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We plan to hold monthly talks along the same lines.
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100 Of The Best Twitter Handles To Follow On Finance, Wealth Management & Valuation 

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My Goto Podcasts

  1. Capitalmind Podcast (Superb Podcasts by Deepak Shenoy Sir)

My Goto Investment Books

  1. 100 Baggers
  2. Common Stocks Uncommon Profits
  3. Financial Modeling and Valuation
  4. Investment Valuation
  5. Little Book that Beats the Market
  6. One Up on Wall Street
  7. Poor Charlie's Almanack
  8. Security Analysis
  9. Compounding Effect
  10. Little Book of Valuation
  11. An Arbitrage Guide to Financial Markets
  12. Asset Pricing
  13. Fixed Income Markets and their Derivatives
  14. Value Investing & Behavioral Finance - Parag Parikh
  15. Book Summaries on Blog Digging For Value
  16. Book Summaries on Edelweiss AMC Blog

Business & Investing books recommended by popular Investors(InvestBooks Amazon Online Store)

Other Good Books

  1. Romancing The Balance Sheet
  2. Effective Executive
  3. Too Big to Fail
  4. The Big Short
  5. Built to Last
  6. Blue Ocean Strategy
  7. Business Adventures
  8. Good to Great
  9. Unusual Billionaires
  10. Arthashastra
  11. Art of War

My Goto YouTube Channels For Corporate Finance & Valuation 

  1. Sagar RV (Sagar Vensi's Dumbed-Down Approach to Investing for the Average Investor)
  2. Late Parag Parikh Sir's Videos (A Treasure on Behavioral Finance & Value Investing by Late Parag Parikh Sir)
  3. Investors Archive (A superb collection of investor interviews and discussions)
  4. Preston Pysh (A very nice business playlist)
  5. Safal Niveshak (Vishal Sir has uploaded a lot of cool stuff on these channels from Mental Models to his lectures to the analysis of financial statements)
  6. Aditya Chauhan's Youtube Channel (A link to a free Udemy course on Valuation available on Youtube)
  7. Venkatesh Jayaraman's List (Top Youtube Channels of Corporate Finance & Valuation)
  8. Alpha Moghuls Playlist (Bloomberg Quint's Alpha Moghul Series) 

My Goto Blogs For Everything Finance

  1. India ETFs Blog (Latest of ETFs)
  2. Ace Equities (Company Analysis)
  3. PA Wealth Advisors Blog (Company Analysis)
  4. Flame Investment Lab (Knowledgebank of resources by some of the best investors)
  5. Prof. Damodaran NYU Stern Blog (Everything Corporate Finance & Valuation. I still can't believe it's free)
  6. Prof. Bakshi's Blog (Prof. Sanjay Bakshi's insights on markets and behavioural finance among other things)
  7. Investopedia (The Wikipedia of Corporate Finance and Valuation)
  8. Valuepickr Forum (A free Forum by the investors for the investors)
  9. Stock & Biceps (A really cool blog on fitness and finance)
  10. Leveraged Growth Page on Linkedin (My mentor Prof. Aswini Bajaj's Linkedin Page)
  11. Invest In Yourself (My mentor Prof. Aswini Bajaj's Blog)
  12. Wealth Wise Blog (Another Blog which is not to be missed)
  13. Abakkus Invest (The Abakkus Invest Blog. A really good source for data on trends)
  14. Rohit Chauhan's Blog (Rohit Chauhan's Blog. A blog I read regularly)
  15. ValueWalk (A decent site I not so frequently visit but a worthy mention)
  16. Unovest (Vipin Khandelwal's fantastic effort towards financial literacy)
  17. Graham & Ddoddsville (The Name Of This Site Should Be Enough A Reason To Visit It)
  18. Passive Fool's Newsletter  (A Quality Newsletter on Value Investing, Not For Fans of Balika Vadhu...LOL)
  19. Passive Fool's Blog (Passive Fool's Homepage & Blog)
  20. Contrarian Value Edge (A superb blog on investing)
  21. Soham Das (Soham Das, CFA has created a wonderful site where he regularly writes on valuations and business. His notes on the quality of earnings are excellent)
  22. Burn The Boats Capital (Book Summaries & Mental Models on a different level)

My Goto Portfolio Management Tool 

Money Control Website & App

My Goto Research Tools 

  1. Screener.in  (Fundamental Analysis)
  2. StockEdge (Fundamental Analysis & HNI Holdings)
  3. Tijori Finance (Fundamental Analysis)
  4. RateStar (Fundamental Analysis & HNI Holdings)
  5. MorningStar India (Mutual Fund Data)
  6. Investing.com (Fundamental Analysis)

My Goto News Websites

  1. Bloomberg India (Business News)
  2. Business Standard (Business News)
  3. Economic Times (Business News)
  4. Moneylife (Business News & Best Place To Get an Edge on Corporate Scandals)
  5. Yourstory (Startup News)
  6. VC Circle (Startup & PE News)


My Experience with Markets

I started my investment journey in 2017 when I read a book called the Intelligent Investor. I recommend every serious investor read that book or at least go through its summary

My Investment Philosophy

Try to think of yourself as a listed company. If you are to invest Rs. 100 in the market, you should know your Weighted Average Cost of Capital and the Cost of Equity & Cost of Debt. If you are not able to get returns above the risk-free rate and the equity risk premium on your investments through equity investments, then it doesn't make sense to even invest in direct equity. You are better off buying Index Etfs in a proportion that is best suitable to your risk profile. I personally, try to maintain a yearly Ke(Cost of Equity) of 13-15% in my portfolio or a beta of .3-.5, and try that it is not very concentrated, and this approach goes against a lot of what is there on my blog. But opinions do make the market. Personally, I don't want to land up in a space where I get a heart attack if a concentrated portfolio does not perform and goes bust.

Purpose of Writing This Blog

Hope through my blog posts, I am able to not only record my adventures in the markets but also share some of my learnings and get feedback on them. I would try to record my experiences with the market and some core concepts I learned very late in life here so that other investors can start earlier than I did and benefit through the magic of compounding.


Most Importantly, I want to make this the All-Links-In-One website any investor can come to for getting a head start on the best podcasts, books, research tools, websites, courses and blogs on corporate finance and value investing.




(Must Attend The Free Ones)

  1. Corporate Finance, Valuation, and Investment Philosophies by Prof. Damodaran (Free. Only Paid If You Want A Certificate. LOL)
  2. Dr. Sagar RV (Paid Course: We are official affiliates)
  3. FLAME Investment Lab (Paid Course)
  4. The Complete Financial Analyst Course on Udemy (Paid Course)
  5. Zerodha Varsity (Free Course)
  6. Value Investing Masterclass by Safal Niveshak (Free Course)
  7. NISM Summer School (Paid Courses)
  8. Anil Lamba's 5 Video Series on Good Financial Management (Paid Courses)
  9. Elearnmarkets (Paid Courses)
  10. Kredent Academy (Paid Courses)
  11. Times Group: Business Valuation Masterclass By Prof. Damodaran's Masterclass (Paid Course)



The guide to Becoming The World's Best Investor (A fantastic read on Warren Buffet's philosophy on Medium)

About Me

I am a marketing professional at heart with 8+ years of experience in the automobile industry. Portfolio of accomplishments include increasing revenue, improving brand awareness and driving profit improvements at the Jabalpur based dealership of M/s Force Motors Ltd. over the last 8 years.

I have worked with many top executives in various industries over the past 8+ years and helped them make better decisions and delivered the sustainable success they desired.

I am passionate about achieving better results for my clients—results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring.

I have trained many students in fulfilling their MBA dreams in the last 2 years through my GMAT Prep Startup.

Being lucky enough to realise that my true calling is finance, I have become a blog finance writer.


Occasionally, I do still take up contracts for MBA Test Prep consultation and tutoring. If you are enquiring for GMAT Tutoring/Consultation, you can fill the form below and I shall get back to you.


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Mission 2020

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