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Blog Post 13.10.17

The GMAT is a standardized Test. Only a limited number of themes are tested on the GMAT. By following the right strategy and sticking to the right schedule, GMAT Test Takers can Ace the GMAT in no more than 40-45 days of preparation.

It is not difficult to ace the GMAT.

There are a total of 74 themes that are tested on the GMAT.  What students do is they go theme wise until they cover 80-90% of the syllabus.

Then they give a mock and see a score which in most cases is a plateau. These students then again go through the entire process again just to see an improvement of 20-30 points.

What is required is not this, what is required is for students to focus on GMAT like it is a business problem and attack the problem head on.

If a student is weak in 34 out of these 74 themes, there is no point in him doing revision of the 40 themes. He should concentrate effort on making his understanding of the 34 themes stronger.

Mock Tests are also given in preparation for the GMAT like they are practice drills. Students give upto 22 mocks before the exam and exhaust all the mocks available with them.

I have observed that GMATPrep 1&2 should not be taken until the final week of the exam.

6 Manhattan Mocks are sufficient for 6 weeks to prepare a student in his / her strong weak areas.

For those students who are very bad in basics, a 45-60 day time period should be spent only on concepts. This will not only help in the final 6 weeks, but also build a foundation in some of the core concepts tested on the GMAT. Sparing  an extra 45-60 days will make students who are initially weak in all 74 themes (which are tested) good in some or most of them. This will lay the groundwork for my bucket system which guarantees a 35-50 point improvement in the first week itself which is visible in the mock.







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