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Blog 20.10.17

Hey Guys,

I am going to share a free strategy for cracking the GMAT, thought to be one of the toughest exams in the world.

First and foremost, Don’t be scared. Its just an exam.

Now straight to the brass tacks.

Go out immediately and beg, borrow or buy the following material:

  1. Manhattan GMAT Quant Guide Set
  2. Manhattan GMAT Verbal Foundations Book
  3. Manhattan Navigator
  4. Manhattan CATs
  5. Official Guide 2017
  6. E-gmat Verbal Online Course (Buy After You Complete Manhattan Guides and OG17 Quant Side)

Download GMATPrep software from mba.com

Next, make a free account on Magoosh and access their Idioms, they are available for free and are the best. TRUST ME

Now, I would recommend the following diagnostic:

  1. Give GMATPrep CAT 1 on the software cold and store your score on an excel sheet and forget about it.
  2. Give 3-5 days per book and complete each of the Manhattan Quant books. It usually takes 20-25 days. After you complete each topic guide, goto Manhattan Navigator and find the topic wise layout of problems on OG17 and solve them in addition to the problem sets at the end of the chapters in the Manhattan Strategy Guides.
  3. Next, start with E-gmat Verbal. First complete SC. Then do all problems in OG17 as you complete each topic in SC. E-gmat details them very well.
  4. Then start with Manhattan Verbal Foundations, DO ONLY CR PART. DON’T TOUCH RC AND SC in this book.
  5. Next, start with E-gmat CR and complete it, complete OG17 problems as you go along in CR topic wise.
  6. Next, goto GMATPrep software and do 3 questions of 4 long passages. Try two techniques
    1. One is the note making technique after reading each para
    2. One technique is reading like your life depends on it…LITERALLY
  7.  Now, once you can comprehend which method works best for you, follow it till the end. If you feel E-gmat RC is not good for you, then follow your own method. But be very careful in RC. RC is a very tricky area on the GMAT and every person has a method that works best for them. But do understand the question types from E-gmat course in RC. Do 10 RC passages once you have understood each question type


When answering OG Questions, I would advise you to make an excel sheet or use navigator so you know which questions you got wrong on first go. This will help you on the next step.

The Quant part would have taken you 20-25 days, and the Verbal part would have taken you some 35-40 days. Now, do a 5 day cold revision of each topic the questions of which you got wrong.

Now, redo the OG Questions you got wrong.

OK, so now you are ready. Give a Manhattan CAT Exam 1. See if there is any improvement in your score.

Then, do an analysis of question types you got wrong. E-gmat gives GMATClub Tests along with Verbal online. Practise those question types on gmatclub which you got wrong.

Do 30 Quant Questions Everyday

Do 10 SC Questions Everyday

Do 10 CR Question Everyday

Do 10 RC Questions Everyday

Even if you do fewer questions, the analysis is more important than the solving.

Keep giving mocks every 5 days on Manhattan until you hit 30+ points of a score of 640+ or a score which you want. When I say keep giving mocks, I mean with analysis.

When you approach this score, give GMATPrep Test 2. By now if your score comes 650+, you are ready for the exam.

Book a Date and Give the Test…

Don’t forget to comment if this worked for you.



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