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    1. Yes,
      This is a one-on-one session .
      But it is different than any other type of tutoring.
      I provide consulting which gets you a +70 score improvement on your GMAT.
      Also, there is a money back guarantee. No questions asked.
      You can call me on +919425412028 to get more information. I only take 10-12 students a month so I can get you the best.

  1. Thanks for the free session Ayush. I am going to subscribe to your service very soon.
    You are really one of the few good ones out there.

  2. It was like finding a treasure. The material is super and the links to questions are also mostly from the official GMAT.
    Thanks Ayush

  3. The way you take Beat the Gmat and GmatClub rating into ayak score is really nice Ayush.
    Your free session really helped me

  4. Dear Ayush, thanks for sharing your valuable experience about practicing GMAT. Least but not last, this AYAK Score and Strategy session has made me to keep pursuing overall my dreams such us getting the best score GMAT and studying my postgraduate in the INSEAD or another prestigious university in USA and UK .

  5. Bhai. First of all thank you so much for taking the initiative to streamline the myriads of data available for GMAT . Your site is growing into an one stop solution for all GMAT aspirant’s apprehensions. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dear Ayush, I don’t think even you have an estimate of how helpful this blog and rating system is 🙂 keep up the good work and looking forward to your upcoming blogs!

  7. Ayush… Thanks a lot for making people together in Gmat journey….. It’s helping me a lot…. In analysis now..

  8. “Excellent helpful Post”. One INSEAD alumns told me “Don’t worry for Horrible GMAT Score, a 650 GMAT Score is safe for your application”.

  9. Ayush has been a great help during my GMAT prep. He has selflessly helped me and guided me how to go about the GMAT. Great job Ayush, wish the best for you!

  10. Great job Ayush.. you are helping quite a lot of deserving people.. and I am fortunate to be one of them.

  11. If you ask me, I would say that ALL Manhattan books are must. + TargetTestPrep for quant
    But in general, I agree.

  12. In researching GMAT courses to take, I read many reviews and talked to a few people. I thought I had it all figured out.
    Then I met Ayush

  13. I decided to sign up for the free session after consulting a few friends. In just one week, I saw an improvement.
    Thank you Buckets

  14. Hie i am planning to start ground classes for pilot course .so is that possible with self study??if yes can you please tell me the process??

  15. What will exactly be provided to me in the Verbal Plan?
    If I signup, can I get a refund before the first 7 days are over?
    On what criteria is refund given?
    How does the score guarantee work?

  16. What will exactly be provided to me in the Verbal Plan?
    -Customized Study Plan
    -Mock Test Analysis
    -How to Systematically Target Your Weak Areas So You Can See Noticeable Improvement Fast
    If I signup, can I get a refund before the first 7 days are over?
    -Anytime Within the First 7 Days
    On what criteria is refund given?
    -If Client is Unhappy or Mock Scores Do Not Improve in One Week
    How does the score guarantee work?
    -70 Points Before Main Exam

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