From The Horse’s Mouth: Vivek Bajaj

Mr Vivek Bajaj is no stranger to the markets. He has given us StockEdge, StocksDen, Kredent Academy, ELearnmarkets and now StockEdge Club. He also runs his own trading desk in Kolkata.

In this interview, he describes his journey so far, his future plans for all his ventures, and shares his 2 cents with the investing and trading community.

So, without further ado,

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have over 18 years of experience in financial markets. After my Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary qualifications, I began my career in the corporate sales department of a domestic mutual fund in 2001. I went on to do my MBA from IIM Indore in 2005 and joined a firm in Mumbai as a commodities analyst. In 2006, I decided to come back to Kolkata and started my own trading desk. I traded for my own and recruited a lot of talents to expand my trading desk from commodities to currency to algo trading. As on date, my trading desk has over 200 full-time associates trading multiple assets. We contribute significantly to exchange turnover and liquidity.

Tell us about Kredent Group, The Kredent Academy and ELearnMarkets. Your Future plans for same.

Kredent is the largest trading desk in Eastern India with over 200 full-time traders.

Kredent Academy ( was formed in 2008 as a backward integration of trading desk principally to solicit good talent for expanding the desk. Also, the academy was meant to spread the right financial education in society. Kredent Academy has trained over 10,000 participants offline in Kolkata since 2008. is an online financial education portal launched in 2014 which helps the whole country learn the art and science behind finance from experts. Kredent Academy is one of the content contributors in ELM along with 100 other experts. ELM has partnered with NSE Academy, MCX and NCDEX and has become one of the largest certification course partners of the exchanges in India. As of Jan 2020, ELM has over 150,000 learners.  

Tell us about StockDen. Your Future plans for same.

StockDen is a dedicated Co-working space for full-time market participants who would like to trade/invest with their own money and with any independent broker. We are doing a pilot testing in Kolkata with over 40-seater capacity spread over 2000 square foot. The facility has a library, lab, recreation rooms etc.  We would expand the same to other major cities soon.

Tell us about Stock Edge and the new Version 5.0, India’s very own Bloomberg. Your Future plans for same.

As you rightly said, it’s going to be the Bloomberg for retail investors. We are building a similar ecosystem which Bloomberg has built for institutional traders/investors. Some of the important development which we will onboard in StockEdge version 5 is The Latest Technology, Web App, Mutual Funds and deep integration with StockEdge Club.

How do you position StockEdge Club against ValuePickr and other such Forums and what are your future plans for it?

ValuePickr is a great forum for value investors. I myself consume content from there. We are not a forum. We are India’s first social media platform on the Stock Market with moderated interactions by Virtual StockEdge Analysts. We bring a unique offering on the table for both individual traders and investors.

How did you start your investing journey? What got you to the markets?

I started as an analyst, went on to become a trader and thereon owner of one of the largest trading desks in India. Now I predominantly Invest or keep positions in Stocks for a longer period. The market is in my blood. I am a third-generation stock market participant. My family had a strong base in the Calcutta Stock Exchange, which unfortunately has become defunct now.

Can you please tell us some of your Favorite books?

Modern Monopolies, Zero to One, Intelligent Investor,
Bloomberg by Bloomberg

What are your hobbies?

Learning new Technology and Travelling

What are your Favorite blogs? How do you increase your market knowledge and stay up to date?

Following knowledgeable contributors on Twitter.

Who are your role models in investing and in life?

Ramesh Damani – Investing, Dinesh Agarwal (IndiaMarket) –
Business, Michael Bloomberg – Product Vision

Your personal investment checklist

1. Industry Potential
2. Management Capability
4. Free Cash Flow
5. Debt Servicing
6. Price Strength

The first stock you bought, first loss and what did you learn from it?

First Stock: ITC when I saw people consuming cigarette
First Loss: Emami Limited in early days because I sold hastily
Learning: Fundamental is long term, market price movement in Short term

What are your thoughts on the financial advisories in India?

Still need to evolve but the problem lies with clients as clients don’t want to learn and neither want to pay for the right advice.

Do you see a growth in Small and Midcap space in 2020? What sectors are you betting on?

Yes. I am closely looking at NBFC, Insurance Companies and
Auto Components

What are your expectations from the upcoming budget?

Consumption booster to stimulate the economy.

What are your thoughts on Disruptions – What do you think of them and how do you evaluate if a business you are looking at as a prospective investment won’t get disrupted easily?

Everything has the potential of getting disrupted. I am no more follow ‘buy and hold’ strategy. I exit when I see the theme not getting played out or when there is a signal of the entire competitive landscape getting disturbed. Invest in a company that owns the pipeline and facilitating disruptions. A classic example is the telecom companies and banks.  

The advice you would like to give to younger people who have just started investing in the stock markets.

(a) Learn. Become part of our ecosystem and get empowered.

(b) Select only 5 stocks which are under your circle of competence

(c) Add one stock every 6 months and restrict to only 10 stocks in your life.

(d) Stock Market is important to be followed, tracked and observed for your holistic career growth.

The above is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement or a stock recommendation. The author may be holding the securities mentioned above. Do your independent and thorough research before investing.

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