September 25, 2017

About Me

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Hello Friends,

My name is Ayush Agrawal.

I am a marketing professional at heart with 6+ years of experience in the automobile industry. Portfolio of accomplishments includes increasing revenue, improving brand awareness and driving profit improvements among other things.

I have worked with many top executives in various industries over the past 6+ years and helped them make better decisions and delivered the sustainable success they desired.


GMAT Preparation is expensive. If students do not spend wisely, they can end up spending more than $1000 on 4-5 prep companies. I am here to help.

Now, you people may ask why I do all this?

All this started one year back when I started preparing for the GMAT and made a GMAT WhatsApp Group. I added founders of all the big prep companies on it and accumulated more than 230 students from across the globe in that group.

What I noticed was, people were fine with taking the exam 3-4 times to get the perfect score. Mind you, one exam attempt costs roughly $250.

Also, people were subscribing to prep companies like they were buying vegetables from a supermarket. Mind you, one prep company subscription is roughly $250-300, that to with an average validity of 8 months. There are only a handful of good prep companies in the market. But students waste a lot of money before realizing this.

In addition to the financial aspect, it is the effort as well which gets wasted when someone doesn’t succeed. Each time you have to start all over again. Given that majority of the GMAT aspirants are working professionals, it is very important to crack the test in the first go.

I have a comprehensive list of 14 parameters on which I judge a company.

These Parameters Are:

  1.  Instructor
  2. Content Quality Quant
  3. Content Quality Verbal
  4. Quality of Verbal Content From A Non-Native’s Perspective
  5. Mocks Provided
  6. Cost
  7. Validity
  8. Question Bank
  9. Whether or not Quality Official Guide Explanations Are Offered By The Company
  10. Refund Policy
  11. Score Guarantee
  12. Responsiveness to Query
  13. GMATClub Rating
  14. BeatTheGmat Rating

There is a saying, “No shoe size fits all”

I review all the GMAT Prep Companies in the market. I give an unbiased review of every company in the market. I am adding the few that are left this week.

I could not decide how to structure all the resources and strategies and it took me some 6-8 months to develop a website and accumulate material, but we are finally here.

The GMAT has limited themes. If a student is able to master most of them, he will be well on EXAM DAY.

What I have noticed is most students have difficulty in GMAT Verbal. A Quant score of 51 is considered 97 percentile approx on the GMAT, whereas a Verbal Score on 45 is considered 99 percentile approx on the GMAT.

I would like to tell you all that most of all the good resources are available for free on the internet, and that to the non pirated material, if a student can devote time to look for them.

He should first register on forums like GMATClub & BEATTHEGMAT. Also many companies offer most of the video tutorials for free on Youtube.

Yes a lot of information overload is there, and hence AYAK was started. I try to advise on what is right, what is wrong, and why it is wrong. I give unbiased reviews because I don’t think anyone is doing it right.

A mentor is very important in setting up a startup, sometimes more important than seed funding.

I would like to thank Manas Sadana, Head of Marketing at E-Gmat, who has guided me on every step of my journey.

As a consultant at AYAK, my goal is to get you to your goal as fast as possible.

The link to my Linkedin profile is below:

Regarding GMAT Tutoring, Please Note:

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