My Favorite Investment Books

Becoming an investor is all about reading and rereading good content so we do not make the same mistakes that were made by many before us. Most people wonder what are some good books on investing. In this blog post, I will try to list some books I find to be no short of a PG program in Value investing.

  1. The Intelligent Investor
  2. 100 Baggers
  3. Common Stocks Uncommon Profits
  4. Financial Modeling and Valuation (Wiley)
  5. Investment Valuation (Damodaran)
  6. Joel Greenblatt – The Little Book that Beats the Market
  7. One Up on Wall Street
  8. Poor Charlie’s Almanack
  9. Security Analysis
  10. Compounding Effect
  11. Dhando Investor
  12. Essay’s of Warren Buffet
  13. Little Book of Common Sense Investing
  14. Little Book of Valuation
  15. Too Big to Fail
  16. Effective Executive
  17. Blue Ocean Strategy
  18. Built to Last
  19. Business Adventures
  20. Good to Great
  21. Art of War
  22. Arthashastra
  23. Unusual Billionaires
  24. Value Investing And Behavioral Finance – Parag Parikh
  25. An Arbitrage Guide to Financial Markets
  26. Asset Pricing – John Cochrane
  27. Fixed Income Markets and their Derivatives

This is a very big list and normally it would take someone a year to even complete the first reading of half of these books. But, investing is not a race. You do not have to beat the other investors to have succeeded. Success is defined in terms of whether the investor meets their personal goals. If you were for the next 5 years to invest in a good ETF index fund which yields anywhere between 11-15% p.a. and only read and reread these books and many more and then make a checklist which would put you in a comfortable position to take calculated risks, then investing would not be gambling anymore, and you can also aim for a cost of equity over what an index fund offers you.