Ph.D. in Value Investing

I have always been fascinated by the idea of a PhD. in Value Investing.
I will try to outline a process that I feel is no short of a Ph.D.
I welcome comments and feedback on the same.

Step One
Books to Read.

Book summaries of most of them available on the website

  1. Seeking Wisdom
  2. Skin In The Game
  3. This Will Make You Smarter
  4. The Black Swan
  5. The Little Book That Builds Wealth
  6. Security Analysis (Summary Not Available)
  7. Poor Charlie’s Almanack
  8. The Warren Buffet Way
  9. Little Book Of Valuation
  10. A Masterclass with Super Investors
  11. Essay’s of Warren Buffet: Lessons for Corporate America
  12. One Up on Wall Street
  13. Margin of Safety
  14. Intelligent Investor
  15. The Joy’s of Compounding (Summary Not Available)

Step 2
Opening a Demat Account

Step 3

  1. Buy 1 share each of 50 stocks. This is going to be the only cost of knowledge for the next 5 years.
  2. These should only be companies you love. No company should be a recommendation of your friend, relative, broker or any analyst or advisor.
  3. Whatever the outcome, they are not to be sold for 5 years. This is how long it takes to get a Ph.D.
  4. Learn Fundamental Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Financial Shenanigans on the go and analyze every document these companies produce for the exchanges and the public.
  5. Learn from your mistakes over the 5 years and laugh at the errors and carefully note them down. You are still in school
  6. Double-check your winners and see if it was luck, patience or calculative investing.
  7. Noone can win overnight. But over time, towards the completion of your Ph.D., you will be able to get a grasp of your circle of competence.

Step 4

  1. One can invest the corpus in debt and index funds in the ratio of his/her risk profile for the five years while the Ph.D. is being completed.
  2. Read and reread the investor interviews on the website to gain insights on how known investors invest.
  3. Go through the various book summaries on the website to enhance your knowledge bank.
  4. Read the books listed on the website whose book summaries are not yet available.
  5. See the various videos on the Youtube Channels listed on the website and learn from the best.
  6. I have listed down a lot of good blogs on my website. You don’t have to read all of them. But to ignore all of them would be a grave mistake.
  7. Use the links such as the News Sources, Portfolio Management Tools, Research Tools, etc. on our listing site to further strengthen your analysis and scrutiny of companies.
  8. Attend the free courses whose links have been made available on the website and if pocket permits attend the paid ones as well.

Your Ph.D. Pedagogy

I don’t want to goto Heaven, all I want is to know where and when I am going to die and if I will be going to Hell

This process will not give you a fancy Ph.D. degree at the end of 5 years. This process will also not make you a millionaire overnight.

What it will do is overtime, and if done right, it put you ahead of most of the people out there.

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