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What is the AYAK SCORE?

Every GMAT Prep Company is different. No two companies are the same.
We have analyzed & ranked the major companies on 14 parametres.
They are key composites of the AYAK SCORE. A weightage is given to each one of them and then a score on a scale of 5 is calculated.
The 14 parameters are:
1. Instructor
2. Content Quality Quant
3. Content Quality Verbal
4. Quality of Verbal Content From A Non-Native’s Perspective
5. Mocks Provided
6. Cost
7. Validity
8. Question Bank
9. Whether or not Quality Official Guide Explanations Are Offered By The Company 
10. Refund Policy
11. Score Guarantee
12. Responsiveness to Query
13. GMATClub Rating
14. BeatTheGmat Rating

We hope that these parameters will help students make informed decisions on who to partner up with on their GMAT Journey 

*According to us, any company that has an AYAK Score of under 4.4 is a bad investment on your GMAT Preparation.

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